Can You Charge Apple Pencil With iphone

The Apple Pencil is a revolutionary device for digital artists, designers, and writers. It has made drawing, sketching, and note-taking easier and more fun. But what if you don’t have your iPad with you and your Pencil runs out of battery? Can you charge an Apple Pencil with an iPhone?

In Notes and other programs, you can make notes using your Apple Pencil. You can use your Apple Pencil to write in any text field on iOS 14 and later.

In this article, we will attempt to answer this question and also explore the steps you need to take to charge your Apple Pencil with your iPhone, as well as some tips and tricks to keep your Pencil charged and ready for use.

Can You Charge Apple Pencil With iPhone?

Yes, you can charge your Apple Pencil with your iPhone. All you need to do is to connect an Apple Pencil to the Lightning port on your iPhone. You can also use an iPad to charge it in the same way.

Doing this is not recommended for regular use as it may deplete your iPhone’s battery faster. Also, it may take longer to charge compared to using the included charger when you charge your Apple Pencil with your iPhone.

However, if you need to quickly charge your Apple Pencil while on the go, using your iPhone as a power source can be a useful option.

How to Charge Apple Pencil With iPhone?

Charging an Apple Pencil with an iPhone is a simple process that can be completed in a few easy steps. However, the kind (generation) of Apple Pencil is quite important if you want to charge with an iPhone.

Here’s how you can charge a first-generation Apple Pencil 1 with an iPhone:

Step 1: Remove the Cap From the End of Your Apple Pencil

Doing this will reveal a Lightning connector that serves as an in-let for charging power.

Step 2: Plug the Lightning Connector Into the Lightning Port on Your iPhone


Step 3: Wait for Your Apple Pencil to Charge

Caution! Only first-generation Apple Pencils can be charged this way. Second-generation Apple Pencils cannot be charged using an iPhone.

If you use a second-generation Apple Pencil, you will need to charge it differently, as it charges wirelessly when attached to the magnetic connector on the side of your iPad Pro.

How to Know if Apple Pencil is Charging on iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone, there is no way to check the battery percentage of your Apple Pencil directly from the iPhone. This is because the Apple Pencil was designed specifically to be used with iPads.

But you can always view the battery status of the Apple Pencil on your iPad if it is connected to it even if you are charging with your iPhone. Here is how you can do that:

Step 1: Swipe Right From the Home Screen on Your iPad


When you do this right, ‘Today View’ displays on your screen.

Step 2: Check the Batteries Widget Menu


If your Apple Pencil is connected and charging, you should see it listed in this widget with its current battery level and charging status. If you do not see it, click “Edit” and add your Apple Pencil to your sidebar.

Also, when you connect your Apple Pencil to your iPhone to charge it, you will see a notification on your iPad lock screen that says “Apple Pencil Charging.”

How to Check Apple Pencil’s Battery Percentage?

To check the battery percentage of your Apple Pencil 1, make sure that your Apple Pencil is connected to your iPad. Then, you can follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Swipe From Left to Right on iPad Screen to Access the “Today View”


Here, you should be able to see the battery percentage of your Apple Pencil under the battery widget. However, if you don’t have the battery widget showing in your ‘Today View,’ proceed with the next steps.

Step 2: Swipe Down & Tap the ‘Edit’ Button


A menu with a selection of widgets will appear.

Step 3: Add the “Batteries Widget”


You will see several options for the batteries widget. Choose the one you’d like to use.

The widget will now appear in Today View. You can reference it whenever you want to check your Apple Pencil’s battery.

Note: If you use an Apple Pencil 2, the battery percentage of your Apple Pencil will be automatically displayed on the iPad’s home screen or lock screen. However, the devices must be connected.

How Long Does an iPhone Takes to Charge Apple Pencil?

It takes approximately 10-20 minutes to charge an Apple Pencil to 100% battery level with an iPhone. Even though most people think the external Apple charger for the pencil would charge it quicker, connecting it to the iPhone or iPad charges the Apple pencil faster.

The time it takes to charge an Apple Pencil using an iPhone may also vary depending on various factors such as the iPhone model, battery level of both devices, and the charging cable being used.

How Long Does a Fully Charged Apple Pencil Last?

A single charge of the Apple pencil, both the first and second generation, lasts for up to 12 hours. This means that, with typical usage, an Apple Pencil should last for a day or two, or even up to three days. And when it’s dead, you need not worry as a quick 15-second charge can provide up to 30 minutes of use.

But as with any gadget’s battery, the longevity of an Apple Pencil’s battery may fluctuate depending on various factors, such as the frequency and intensity of use as well as the settings of the device.

Why You Shouldn’t Charge Apple Pencil on iPhone?

The reason Apple Pencil users are advised not to charge their Apple Pencil on their iPhone is because it can cause a significant drain on their iPhone battery. The iPhone battery is weaker and smaller compared to the battery of the iPad Pro, which the Apple Pencil was specifically designed for.

In addition to the iPhone battery’s quick drain, you also won’t be able to check the charge levels without switching to your iPad Pro.

iPhones don’t have software to support the full operations of the Apple Pencil. When you charge an Apple Pencil with an iPhone, you are only drawing power from the iPhone battery and nothing more.

What Are Other Ways to Charge an Apple Pencil?

There are several ways to charge an Apple Pencil. According to Apple Support’s guide on charging Apple Pencils, you can charge your pencil in the following ways:

  • Wireless Chargin Stands. You can also use wireless charging stands to charge your Apple pencil. Check out some third-party models in Amazon.
  • Connecting to a Power Supply. Use the included Apple Pencil Charging Cable and a USB power adapter.
  • Connecting to Your iPad. Connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad or iPad Pro and charge it directly from the device.
  • Connecting to a Computer. Use a Lightning to USB Cable to charge your Apple Pencil from an Apple or a PC’s USB port.
  • Wireless Charging with iPad. Place the flat part of the Apple Pencil against the magnetic connector on the side of your iPad or iPad Pro to charge wirelessly.

What Other Devices Can Charge An Apple Pencil?

Any device that has a lightning charger port can be used to charge your 1st generation Apple Pencil – hence why the iPhone also works!

However, the iPhone isn’t the only solution.

Using a lightning adapter, you can charge the Apple Pencil using your computer or even a wall outlet.

Still, using the iPad provides the easiest experience. After all, this is how the Apple Pencil was designed, and how we recommend charging it as well.

Using the iPhone to Charge Your Apple Pencil is Not the Best Option

In conclusion, though you can charge an Apple Pencil with an iPhone, it is not the best option for prolonged use. Other methods are more efficient and less taxing on your iPhone battery.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a pinch and need to quickly charge your Apple Pencil, using your iPhone can be a handy solution. Just be aware of the potential drawbacks and take the necessary precautions.

You can also use other charging methods, such as using the included charging adapter, plugging it into a USB port, or using a charging dock. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure to follow Apple’s guidelines for charging your Apple Pencil to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.

Benefits Of An Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a stylus designed specifically for use with iPads and is available in two generations. Here are some benefits of using an Apple Pencil:

  1. Precision: The Apple Pencil provides greater precision and accuracy when compared to using your finger on an iPad. It can be used for drawing, writing, note-taking, and even for editing photos and videos.
  2. Pressure sensitivity: The Apple Pencil is pressure-sensitive, which means that it can detect the amount of pressure you apply when drawing or writing. This allows you to create more nuanced strokes and shading.
  3. Palm rejection: The Apple Pencil has palm rejection technology, which means that it can distinguish between the touch of the pencil and the touch of your palm or fingers. This allows you to rest your hand on the iPad while using the Apple Pencil without worrying about unwanted marks or gestures.
  4. Battery life: The Apple Pencil has a long battery life, and can be recharged quickly. The 2nd generation Apple Pencil can be charged wirelessly by attaching it to the magnetic charging area on the iPad Pro or the top of the iPad Air 4th generation.
  5. Easy to use: The Apple Pencil is easy to use and is compatible with a variety of apps. It provides a natural writing and drawing experience, and is great for both professional artists and casual users.

Overall, the Apple Pencil is a great accessory for anyone who wants to use their iPad for creative work, note-taking, or just for fun. It provides greater precision, pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and a long battery life, making it an essential tool for anyone who uses their iPad frequently.

Apple Pencil vs. Apple Pencil 2

Apple PencilApple Pencil 2
Design & Ergonomics The two Apple Pencils have a striking resemblance in appearance yet are distinct enough to be helpful. Apple’s original Pencil was shaped like a circle.However, the Pencil 2 is far more resistant to grease and fingerprints with its matte coating. While the Apple Pencil 2 has a flattened end.
Charging And StorageThe first Apple Pencil is significantly more difficult to keep charged than the newer version with the Apple Logo. On the end is a lightning connection that may be used to charge your iPad.A converter is included in the 2nd generation apple pencil packaging that allows you to charge the Pencil using a standard Lightning cord. 
CompatibilityIn addition to the current 9th Gen iPad 10.2-inch (2019, 2020, and 2023), the iPad mini (2021, 2019), and the iPad Air (2019) from the current line-up, the original Apple Pencil is supported.It is now compatible with the new 4th Generation iPad Air (2020), the first Generation 11-inch new iPad Pro (2018), and the third-generation iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018).
PerformanceAs far as drawing performance is concerned, all Apple Pencil versions are the same, so you won’t worry about missing out on anything.When using Apple Pencil 2 with a compatible iPad Pro, you are assured of decreased latency from the moment you move your hand to the time you see the results on the screen.
What’s The Best Option? The Apple Pencil 2 is a special stylus when it comes down to it. If you’re prone to sweaty palms, the matte surface is more suited to your needs; an additional button is beneficial, and the magnetic connection with wireless charge is a significant improvement over traditional plugin charging.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can you charge Apple Pencil without iPad? 

You can charge your 2nd generation Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro. But this isn’t possible with the older version.

Q. What devices can charge Apple Pencil? 

Any device that comes with a lightning charger port can be utilized to charge the first generation of Apple Pencil, which is why the iPhone also works.

But the iPhone isn’t the only solution. By utilizing a lightning adapter, it’s possible to charge the Apple Pencil via a wall outlet or a computer. 

Q. How do I charge my Apple Pencil 1st generation without a iPad? 

If you own the first generation of Apple Pencils, it’s possible to charge it with a USB Power Adapter by employing the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter. 

Q. How do I check my Apple Pencil battery on my iPhone? 

To check the battery level of your Apple Pencil on the iPhone, simply open the Settings and press on the Apple Pencil. The battery level will be visible on the top.

Q. How Do I Know If My Apple Pencil is Charging?

  • If you’re not sure whether your Apple Pencil is charging:
  • The Apple Pencil may be selected in the Settings app.
  • Toward the top of the screen, you’ll notice a battery symbol.
  • Your Apple Pencil is charging if the battery icon is green and has a lightning bolt symbol.
  • In this case, it’s not gray without the sign.

Q. How do I know when my Apple Pencil is charged on my iPhone?

As soon as you connect your iPad to an Apple Pencil (2nd Generation), you’ll receive a brief indication of battery life.

Check the Today View on your iPad to see how much charge is left in your Apple Pencil Alternative (1st or 2nd Generation). It’s as simple as swiping your finger over the screen.

Q. Is there another way to charge Apple Pencil?

Apple Pencil can be charged via the lightning connector underneath the cap. Connect a lightning cable to the lightning adapter and turn on your phone.

Your Apple Pencil comes with a lightning adaptor. Using the Lightning Adaptor, connect the Apple Pencil’s lightning connection to the other end of the adapter.

Q. Does the Apple Pencil battery drain when not in use?

If you want to slow down the rate at which the Apple Pencil consumes battery life, turn off the Bluetooth connection. As long as your Apple Pencil is fully charged, you’ll be able to use it without interruption. That’s how things are.

Q. How do you charge the Apple Pencil 1?

Connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad’s Lightning port. Apple USB Power Adapter and the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter that comes with your Pencil may also be used to charge it.

Check the Batteries widget to discover how much juice is left on your Apple Pencil

Q. Can iPhone Be Used To Charge Apple Pencil?

No, the iPhone cannot be used to charge the Apple Pencil. The 1st generation Apple Pencil can only be charged by plugging it into the Lightning port on an iPad, while the 2nd generation Apple Pencil can only be charged wirelessly by attaching it to the magnetic charging area on an iPad Pro or the top of the iPad Air 4th generation. It’s important to use the correct charging method for your Apple Pencil to prevent any damage or connectivity issues.


As you can see, it’s definitely possible to charge the Apple Pencil via iPhone, as long as you have the 1st generation Apple Pencil. 

Sadly, the 2nd generation Apple Pencil doesn’t allow this freedom. But since Apple Pencils are widely popular for boasting rapid charging, no matter which charging mechanism you opt for, you can expect hours of quality usage.

We hope that this guide was helpful and it answered the persistent question in your mind: Can you charge Apple Pencil with iPhone?

Have you tried any of the methods yet? Please share with us your experiences with charging an Apple Pencil via iPhone.

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